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Any person who is or who appears younger than 18 years old is considered a child.

Abuse material is a generic term for presentations of sexual abuse of children or material of a sexual nature that involve children. These presentations can be graphics, text, drawings, sound, images or film, often containing information about the victim, offender and the place the abuse/exploitation took place. The police considers this as evidence in a past, present or future criminal case – and the material will be considered as such.

The handling of or contact with such material is punishable in Norway according to the Norwegian General Penal Code §311, regardless of whether the circumstances has occurred in Norway or abroad, cf. §5.

Offences are punishable by up to three years in prison, but up to a maximum of six years if found to be an organized criminal group. In addition, any person that negligently commits such offences can be liable.

Material produced by children and young people can be punishable to possess and distribute for others.

Any person that concerns himself with documented sexual abuse of children to satisfy one’s own curiosity is also punishable. This is also the case for those that willingly seek out or possess abuse material to “help” the police.

NCIS strongly discourage such activities and will approach this as we would willful, illegal possession.

If you unwillingly come into contact with or receive material you believe could be illegal, leave this assessment to the police and inform NCIS through the hotline.